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UPDATE June 1, 2021:

With the help of so many people, Meaghan & Josh were able to retrieve their van from the police impound, and are taking inventory of what was stolen. Thank you to everyone that donated! Additional funds received will go to replacing stolen items and to help Meaghan & Josh get off the street into a room or an apartment as soon as possible!


Meaghan & Josh GoFundMe-Van Retrieval


Johnny Alamillo is an Army Veteran, honorably discharged. He served in the Vietnam-era, and was living in his mobile home with his fiancé, Kristina Thom. They lived in the Casitas Springs area of Ventura County. Their mobile home was destroyed in a fire that inspectors believe may have been caused by a surge in a power pole near their home, run by SCE. While the investigation continues, Johnny and Kristina are homeless. We were able to get them help through various Veterans organizations in the area, and they are now housed in the "homeless motel" in Ventura, California.

Unfortunately, there's a waiting list for housing vouchers through the VA. We're working with two different VA offices, and hope to have them in permanent housing soon. But this costs money that they don't have. Their small pensions are going to pay for the clean up of their mobile home space, attorney investigations into the fire, and also to investigate preliminary reports that there was asbestos in their mobile home that was not disclosed to them.

PLEASE help us with our campaign to get Johnny and Kristina the help they need to get their live back together. They also need to pay for documents to be recovered so that they can apply for a Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit for which we were able to get them pre-qualified. But it costs money to do these things.

And we need cash to help other Veterans nationwide. Veterans like Roy Muncy, who is currently homeless, living on the streets of Oxnard, California, usually without shoes. We need to get him more than the socks and meals that we've given him up to now.

Richard Aliano is a Vietnam-era Veteran who is disabled and uses a wheelchair to get around. Richard needs a new wheelchair ramp at his small apartment, and could use help with deposit money to get out of the place he's in now, due to bed bugs. We've talked to his landlord and have tried to get fumigation done, but the landlord says it will require Richard and his girlfriend to move for a week, possibly two, due to other wall and floor repairs that may have to be made. Those are costs he cannot afford.

Due to COVID, the economy, and the housing crisis, usual avenues of assistance are not available for these Veterans. There are poor and disabled seniors that need help with home cleaning, manicures & pedicures for health reasons, not polish. There are poor and disabled people who need storage space for a short time so they can transition from being temporarily homeless due to job losses and tragic life events. And so many more. We love receiving all of the donations of clothing, furniture, shoes, appliances and more. But those require funds to store, distribute and maintain.



. Visit our GoFUNDme campaign at this link: https://gofund.me/3f57d5c4

It will make a difference!

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We are heartbroken to announce the passing of Brandon's beloved grandfather, 

"Papa Joe" Berrellez, and his grandmother 'Nana" Margarita Berrellez.

Joe Berrellez passed away at the age of almost 97 on July 30, 2020. Margarita followed her husband in passing at almost 93, on August 29, 2020. Both passed of natural causes after being cared for at the home of their eldest son, Bobby Berrellez

for their last four years, the last two months in at-home hospice care.


Please note that Brandon's Battalion Project will be suspending operations for the remainder of 2020, while we attend to their affairs.


Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, and we hope to be back to work as soon as possible. 

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Painted Heart

Issues affecting our Military Veterans TODAY





Michigan Veteran, Richard Trotter, needs help from the Project to keep his car from being REPOSSESSED!

Brandon's Battalion helped keep him from having his car taken from him so he could continue working. But he isn't out of the woods yet!

Please participate with a donation of $2, $5, $10 or more. Whatever you can spare to help a Veteran in NEED!

See our Go Fund Me campaign here:

Brandon's Battalion Project helped Michael Harris, of Port Hueneme, CA, after his wife passed away at age 40. He lost his job as a butcher taking care of her through her last days. He lost his apartment, was homeless, and lived in his truck for a month.


He developed acute cellulitis in his legs shortly thereafter. BBP began a Go Fund Me campaign to help Michael help himself. Michael stayed temporarily while at a neighbor's home while donations were found. Eventually, a plane ticket for Michael to fly to Oklahoma to stay with his

brother while he got back on his feet was donated.


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Brandon's Battalion Project is a

charity organization

(non-profit 501(c)(3) pending) established to assist

Military Veterans.

We provide mentorship,

life coaching,

tutoring, housing advocates, and

employment search assistance. 



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Please let us hear from you. If you have anything that you'd like to say about what we're doing, about Brandon Berrellez, or just to say hello, please send us a note either here on the website, on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, or even by email help@brandonsbattalion.org.

Brandon's Battalion Project

Brandon's Battalion Project,

I joined clb7 combat engineer platoon few months after Berrellez did and I served with him in Afghanistan 2014. He was a great man and fantastic Marine and there has not been a single day that I haven’t thought about him and his positive influence on anyone around him. Even now it is not any easier.


But y’all are doing something that he would be proud of. The difficult part of the military is not joining or going through boot camp or deploying. It is getting out of the military and trying to find your way. It’s trying to find your way, a job, a place to live, and a purpose. Today’s society has such a twisted view on combat veterans which makes it near impossible to find any living wage job or a purpose in life after serving.


I myself have just now after almost three years found a job that will be living wage and the only reason is luck and by Gods grace. Y’all are making B-rad proud and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know. The road hasn’t been smooth but if I can help even just one individual I will do what I can. Thank you! God bless!  

Nathan Stringer

Brandon's Battalion Project,

Great Marine and a even better friend. I miss you everyday brother. 

Joshua Casebolt



Brandon's Battalion Project,

I love you and miss you Brandon...

John Berrellez

Brandon's Battalion Project,


Brandon, this whole thing is done in your honor. To honor your life, your dreams, and your living soul. 

For that reason we cannot do it half-ass. We don't have a lot of money, but we have plenty of will, experience, and love. 

We'd rather be spending the time with you, and this is one way that we can do just that.

Bobby Berrellez

Brandon's Battalion Project,

Good man.

Andrew Turner

Brandon's Battalion Project,

Thank you so much for making these shirts in memory of Brandon, he was a good friend of mine... I was in the same Platoon as Brandon, and we deployed together in Afghanistan. I’m the guy in the picture you reposted on March 12th, I’m holding the 240 bravo machine gun while Brandon is smiling in the picture with his hands on his hips 

Loreto Mendoza

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