¡Ay Dios Mio!


You never know when you may have a medical emergency. 

When you're in a foreign country, without your regular insurance coverage, knowing what to do immediately can mean all the difference. 

Our referral service can be an important part of your visit to Colombia. We can contact medical or nursing agencies that are ready to come to your apartment, hotel room, or wherever you are to help you when you need it. No urgent care offices, no clinics, no emergency room waits and no long forms to fill out. 

We have you fill out the necessary identifying information as soon as you become our clients, so that we are ready to help you and your family or group get the help you need, or to have prescribed or OTC items delivered to you inexpensively.

Please feel free to ask us for more information on this service.


It could be the most important question you ask on your trip.