"What's the Greatest Nation in the WORLD? - - - - DONATION!"

It's old. It's corny. It's used by every street hustler and clever homeless person you come across. But it is catchy.

We HATE having to ask for money. Your money. We've put in a lot of our own money, time, sweat, tears, and even some blood into this PROJECT. But we can't make it without your money too.

We're not asking for the world. Now, sure...if you decided to give us $100,000 the day after you won Mega Lotto, we'd take it without blinking. Well, we might blink once or twice. But we'd take it. More realistically, what we think is workable, is to try to get that one cup or coffee or donut that you could stand to skip once a week. $5 maybe? $20 per month? $10 even?

Why do we need your money? Why is money always the end game? Because it takes money to do the things that we want to do. Help Veterans get educated on how to manage their new world in their post-discharge world. In order to do the things that will make a difference, we need the funds to make it happen. Fundraising for Veterans in need. Helping Homeless Vets, hungry Vets, Handi-capable Vets who just need a leg up. Just a hand or a shoulder to lean on so they can make it on their own.