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Los Pozos Colorados, Santa Marta, Madalena, Colombia

December, 2020

Prospective Business Client

English or Spanish-Speaking

Anywhere in the World


Dear Prospective Clients;


Thank you for visiting our website and Project : Colombia! 

We began our project due to the overwhelming loses we experienced due to the COVID-19 crisis of 2020. In order to continue our projects, which included many necessary services for Military Veterans, Disadvantaged Disabled & Seniors, and the Homeless of Southern California, and now in Santa Marta as well, we have established this project to raise funds, by providing Concierge services for Businesses & Tourists. We are based in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Those Free/No-Cost projects included:

  • Hot Meals and Clothing Distribution for the Homeless.

  • Counseling and Assistance to Military Veterans.

  • Aid & Attendance in-home senior care benefit application assistance for Military Veterans.

  • Transition assistance for Homeless transitioning to apartments or homes.

  • Donation of furniture, clothing, kitchen & glassware, cookware, appliances, toys, bicycles, beds, food, etc.

  • Support of local churches, homeless shelters, and emergency shelters for Women & Children.

  • In-home Cleaning services.

  • In-home Manicure/Pedicure & Hair services.

  • Storage Sharing services & more. 


To that end, we are offering the following Business Services:

  • Translation Service

 - Spanish is like any other major language. Even if you speak the language, regional and national differences, dialects, and phrasing differences can make business communication confusing at best, and dicey at worst. If you don't speak the language, then it's imperative to have a translator that can professionally and clearly get your business point across.

  • Introduction Service

- Colombia is much like other Latin American countries. They tend to have a cultural distrust of strangers in general, and of foreigners in particular. This is only natural. We can offer introduction services that will help your business presentation get off to a smooth start. 

  • Planning & Organization Service for your Itinerary

- Your business in Colombia may be of a virtual nature. You may need someone like us to make introductions of your products or services to your clients prior to presentations being delivered or prior to in-person meetings. If you are visiting Colombia in person, you may require assistance in organizing your stay so that your focus can remain with your business at hand. And not having to worry about room accommodations, sight-seeing trips, dining and entertainment (casual or business), currency exchange, and medical emergencies. Leave all of that to us. It's our job.

We hope that you will contact us directly with any questions that you may have, and allow us to put together a customized quote for any assistance you may need or assistance that you may not know that you need at this time.


Let us work with you to find out the best way for us to help you with your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

J. Robert (Bobby) Berrellez

Jesus Enrique (Kiké) Torres Garcia

Co-Executive Directors

Project: Colombia