Brandon Wyatt Berrellez was a U.S. Marine Veteran. His life ended suddenly at the age of 23 in 2017.


Brandon was a loving son to his mother & father. To others, he was a grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, friend, boyfriend, and military buddy who had just begun living his life.

Brandon talked often about things that he and his two brothers, both Marine Vets, experienced after their service. These things served to show cracks in a system designed to help veterans apply for and negotiate jobs, homes, and the various benefits afforded a U.S. Military Veteran.

We have humbly started Brandon's Battalion Project as a way to give back to those veterans, which has grown to helping anyone in need, veteran or not. We intend to work with any Veteran who comes to us in need of assistance...from the seemingly mundane like writing a resume, preparing for a job interview, business networking, housing assistance, opening of bank accounts, buying home/life/auto insurance, and helping them apply for available Veterans networking with other Veterans' groups to establish programs for emergency/interim housing for Homeless Veterans, accessing government land leases for the establishment of low-cost manufactured housing for Homeless Vets, and finding affordable appliances and furniture. These might be big dreams, but we have to start somewhere.


Everything we have done so far, and will do in the future, will be FREE OF CHARGE to those we serve:

U.S. Military Veterans - Disadvantaged Disabled -

Disadvantaged Seniors - The Homeless

We gave away, FREE OF CHARGE, used appliances, furniture, toys, office supplies, & clothing, all in good shape and in good working order to anyone in need. This was done through our Port Hueneme Office/Thrift Shop/Distribution Center. That Center closed due to Covid-19 and the effects of the loss of donations due to same. We also suspended the online sales of our Official Brandon's Battalion gear. We hope to reestablish that soon early in 2021.

We will also be working on social media to bring attention to causes that affect Veterans & the Disadvantaged in general, and some that affect individuals in need. Hopefully, the positive attention we bring can help those who are in need get those things through the good works of others.

We ask for the smallest bit of your help in our labor of love...

We hope that you can refer others to our cause and our project. We have begun new projects, such as PROJECT : COLOMBIA!, which we hopes helps us drive the funding necessary to restart our main programs already started in Southern California. Please read about that here on this website, and PLEASE let your friends and family know about this service. You never know who is looking for a great vacation spot in the Caribbean that doesn't cost and arm and a leg!

Thank you for reading all of this, and we hope that you can remember us in your prayers, in your conversations with friends and family, and in your hearts.


Co-Executive Directors:

John Berrellez 
Quintin Berrellez 
Bobby Berrellez 
Ana Berrellez

Brandon's Battalion Project has a 501(c)(3) designation pending.

We are sponsored by

American Veterans' Benefits Alliance-ID #47-3530902

50% of all donations are tax deductible.

Please contact us directly for more information.

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Working with the Poor.
Working with Disadvantaged Seniors & the Disabled.
Working with the HOMELESS and Homeless with dogs.



Among veterans with a service-connected disability, 28 percent reported a disability rating of less than 30 percent, while another 41 percent had a rating of 60 percent or higher.


In August 2017, veterans with a service-connected disability rating of less than 30 percent were much more likely to be in the labor force than those with a rating of 60 percent or higher (53.5 percent and 37.7 percent, respectively).


The unemployment rate for veterans with a disability rating of less than 30 percent was 3.3 percent, not statistically different than for those with a disability rating of 60 percent or higher (4.8 percent).

What can YOU do?

Helping Veterans like Brandon and his brothers has become our quest. When we found out how many homeless veterans there were along with the homeless non-veterans in Ventura Los Angeles counties, we began working with Disadvantaged Disabled, Seniors, & the Homeless, no matter their veteran status. We have decided to devote this time, effort and work to affect the lives of as many Vets & non-veteran poor as possible. But we can't do very much alone. Like EVERY other charity, we need funding. Donations. Money. 

But we want more than that. We want partners. We want and need a team. No, we're not asking you to show up to help us with organization, with being an advocate, a counselor, or a speaker...although we would seriously consider that offer.  

We would like you to JOIN our PROJECT. What does that mean - what does it take? It just means that you'd become part of our dream. You'd become part of our team. What would it take? Not much at all.


JOIN THE BATTALION. Receive a few newsletters, come visit our blog once in a while, and participate on a monthly or one-time basis as a sponsor. Yes, that is a cute wording for a donation. But we think of it as more than that. 

Its a commitment. A commitment to help us to help others. Look at it this way...

Do you buy coffee? That's $5-15 per day. Do you go out for a beer or a cocktail once in a while? That's maybe $20-30 a week. Do you chew gum, buy candy, or buy a soda when you get take out food? That could run another $5-$50 per month. 

We're asking you to skip a coffee every week. One coffee. Or to skip a diet coke or whatever you drink once a week. We're asking from the bottom of our hearts for you to commit to becoming a part of our team and sending us that coffee or diet coke or candy bar in the form of a $10, $20, or $50 monthly gift in Brandon's name, or the name of a loved one or friend who deserves the recognition. 

It doesn't take much.

One coffee. 

One candy bar.

One pack of gum.

One soda.

Per week.

Please. We NEED you. And, although you may not need us, someone out there does.

This is how you can make a difference. 

Join the team. Make the commitment. 

We have. Thanks so much for reading.