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Once you get to Colombia, the issue becomes..."What do we do?" You can zone out in a chair on the beach for hours, enjoying the sun, the breeze, and the warm Caribbean waters that are so calm, you will pinch yourself to see if you're in heaven or on vacation. Or, you could hitch a ride on the back of a jet ski and race around the blue open waters, or a banana boat that probably will tip you over!

Both viable options. 

You could also decide to take a DAY TRIP to some local beaches and National Parks. The beauty and the majesty of the experience of any one of these trip will be something you will remember forever. Take a look at the video & photo reconnaisance below. Let us know if you need more information or more ideas.


Day Trips average 6-8 hours total. Sorry, most transportation and events are not handicap or wheelchair accessible.

Please note that some trips do not allow children under 18 years of age. Child Care Services are available.

Contact us for more information.

We look forward to seeing you here in Santa Marta!!

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$255 per person. 2 or more $195 per person. 

(Includes Transportation, Guide, Security, Boat Fare, Snacks, Lunch, Refreshments, Choice of

Kayak River OR Inner Tube River Tour,

& Gratuities. Kayak Tour includes boat ride up river. Inner Tube tour includes Motorcycle Ride up river.)

Buritaca is a gorgeous area located at the mouth of the Rio Buritaca. Lush and fresh, this area has a restaurant or two, beautiful vistas, incredible energy and is a can't miss destination for visitors.

Playa Blanca

$255 per person. 2 or more $195 per person.

(Includes Transporation, Guide, Security, Boat Fare, Snorkling Tour, Lunch, Snacks,

Refreshments & Gratuities. )

Playa Blanca is named for its white, sandy beaches, and is a relaxing way to spend a day. But be ready for a Snorkling Tour! Why? Because it's fun!

Don Diego

$350 per person. 2 or more $275 per person.

(Includes Transportation, Guide, Security, Boat Fare,

National Park Entrance Fee, Inner Tube River Tour,

Lunch, Snacks, Refreshments, & Gratuities)

Rio Don Diego offers the best of Colombia's geographic treasures. A beautiful river to float down on inner tubes, reaching pristine beaches,

and the Caribbean Sea.

An Exotic Day to Remember.

Bahia Concha

(Shell Bay)

$295 per person. 2 or more $265 per person. 4 or more $225 per person. 

(Includes Transportation, Guides, Security, Sail Boat Fare, Insurance,

Your choice of Snorkling Equipment or Paddle Board or Kayak, Lunch, Snacks, Refreshments, & Gratuities)

Why not take a ride on a sailboat from Santa Marta, around the point, to Bahia Concha. There you will find crystal waters, exotic beaches, food & refreshments, a beautiful view and a "wow" factor that can only be appreciated in person. You can even try out some snorkeling, paddle board,

or kayaking, if that's on your bucket list. 

Then again, this kind of beauty may not be your thing.

(Just Kidding) We're ready when you are.

(Make sure to scroll through all of the photos)

Parque Tayrona

$325 per person. 2 people or more $285 per person. 4 or more $255 per person. 

(Includes Transportation, Guide, Security, Entrance Fee, Lunch, Refresments, Snacks, & Gratuities.

Horse Rental addtional $20 per person.

Mini-Scuba Diving Lesson additional $75 per person)

An incredibly beautiful National Park & nature sanctuary, it includes pristine beaches, walkiug/hiking paths, exquisite examples of Colombian fauna & flora, and a day trip without equal. A 90 minute to 2 hour walk through a massive Tropical Jungle takes you through to 5 of the park's many beaches, culminating in Cabo San Juan. Overnight camping and hotels are available, but we suggest a day trip for the first time visitor to Colombia. It's a paradise not to be missed.

$295 per person. 2 or more $265 per person. 4 or more $220 per person. 

(Includes Transportation, Guide, Security, Snacks, Refreshments, Lunch,

Waterfall Tour, Coffee Tour, Cocoa Tour, & Gratuities)