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NOTE: Please be aware that COVID-19 has created issues all over the world affecting restaurants, museums, parks, malls, stores, transportation, and service establishments. In Colombia, there are precautions taken that may be a surprise to you.


ALL NEW CLIENTS should please refer to your COLOMBIA FAQ sheet (FREE) for more information.

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Getting around in a foreign country can be complicated, confusing, and scary. Colombia is no different. Especially if you don't speak the language or understand the local slang. Everything that moves becomes a potential pirate taxi vehicle. That includes dirt bikes, push carts, horse and mule driven carts, bicycle carts, and personal automobiles.


Even "regular" taxis will often take advantage of foreigners, or even locals, by charging more when taking you to a nice hotel, or better area of town. This is illegal, but they know you probably don't know any better. 


Tours can be a very enjoyable day to see beautiful beaches, lagoons, and hidden coves, but sometimes tour guides can be hard to understand if they speak English at all. Some tour guides have no experience, no interest, and only want to charge to get you to the spot they've chosen to take you. In typical tourist locations in Colombia, especially along the coast, you will see the homeless or semi-homeless pitching tours using laminated notebooks given to them by tour operators. They are paid on commission to get you to take advantage of a "cheap" trip to a national park or beach area. Sometimes you may not get a promised lunch meal, may get a shortened tour, go to someplace different than promised, or even be stranded miles away from your hotel or apartment, having to use a very expensive taxi to get you back. 


Brandon's Battalion PROJECT: COLOMBIA! can GUARANTEE that your tour or trip to the beach or national park is satisfactory, understandable, and has an English-Speaking Guide that you can understand. We can make sure that your taxi service is safe, and that your local transport is professional and trustworthy. Why take chances? The only chance you should take is with US!